Precision shredder for laboratory

Precision laboratory shredder for shredding a wide range of materials, offering precise control over the size of the output particles or granules

Technical Specifications:

- Power: 1.5 kW

- Weight: 120 kg

- Dimenions: 800x600x1200(h) mm

- Dimensions of the Shredding Chamber: 200 x 200 mm

*Please note that the information presented in this document is for reference only and may be subject to change by the manufacturer.

Precision shredder for laboratory Stokkermill has been carefully designed to meet the specific needs of laboratories and research environments. This versatile machine excels at shredding a wide range of materials, offering precise control over particle size and facilitating numerous applications. The Stokkermill Laboratory Shredder is the ideal tool for various laboratory and research applications. This shredder offers the flexibility and precision for your needs. With a spacious 200 x 200 mm shredding chamber, you can process a variety of materials without frequent loading and unloading. The Stokkermill Laboratory Shredder represents a crucial advancement in shredding technology for laboratory and research environments. Its adjustable power settings, robust safety measures, and application versatility make it an essential tool for achieving efficient and precise shredding of materials. By integrating this shredder into your laboratory or research processes, you can greatly enhance your ability to efficiently achieve your laboratory research goals.

Operational Features:

- Variable Power Control: With adjustable power settings, this laboratory shredder adapts to a wide range of materials, from soft plastics to rigid metals.

- Safety Measures: Safety is paramount. The Laboratory Shredder includes features such as overload protection and emergency switches, ensuring a safe operating environment.

- Highly Efficient Shredding: The machine is designed to efficiently shred various materials through the use of hardened steel blades that ensure durability and consistent performance.