Circular sieve separator for laboratory

Circular virating sieve separator, separation screen for activities in the laboratory, whether granular or powdered materials, offering a wide range of uses

Technical Specifications:

- Power: 0.25 kW

- Processing capacity: 20 kg

- Weight: 90 kg

- Dimensions: 800x600x1000(h) mm

- Sieve Diameter: 200 mm

- Vibration Motor: 0.12 kW

- Noise Level: <70 dB

*Data presented in this document is provided for reference purposes and may be subject to potential change by the manufacturer.

Circular vibratory sieve separator for laboratory Stokkermill: carefully designed to address the diverse separation needs derived from experimental activities in the laboratory, whether granular or powdered materials, offering a wide range of uses. The Stokkermill Circular Laboratory Sieve Separator is ideal for a multitude of laboratory and research applications. It can accommodate soil samples, powders, metals, plastics and more. The Stokkermill Laboratory Vibrating Sieve is the epitome of precision and versatility in particle separation technology for laboratory and research applications. Its adjustable settings, safety features, and diverse applicability make it an indispensable tool for those seeking efficient and accurate particle separation. This vibrating sieve simplifies research processes, ultimately contributing to improved results and outcomes.

Operational Features:

- Variable Vibration Control: With adjustable settings ranging from gentle vibrations to vigorous shaking, the Stokkermill Laboratory Vibrating Sieve can accommodate different particle sizes and types of materials.

- Safety Mechanisms: This laboratory sieve is equipped with comprehensive safety measures, including overload and short-circuit protection, along with emergency switches. These precautions ensure a safe operating environment.

- Efficient Separation: The machine is designed to separate a variety of materials, including metals, minerals, polymers and more. The vibrating sieve's efficiency comes from its ability to separate particles by size, ensuring that accurately separated materials are obtained.