hammer Mill scrap shredder and crushers

Hammer mill size reduction shredders of the Stokkermill-Frantoparts HM series are designed for the size reduction of heterogeneous scrap with the aim of sorting and recovering the ferrous and non-ferrous metal fractions. Stokkermill-Frantoparts offers two categories off hammer mill series : -first reduction mills with capacities between 110 and 315kw and with hammers weight up to 35kg for primary crushing; -Refiner mills for secondary reduction with powers between 22 and 250kw with hammers weight up to 20Kg for refining. Our hammer mills are designed and built according to simplicity criteria to allow easy and intuitive use, reduce downtime due to maintenance and grid change, extreme robustness to make them reliable and durable. Stokkermill-Frantoparts hammer mills are suitable for the processing of the following materials: -recycling of end-of-life vehicle parts; -recycling of metals from the demolition of vehicles; -recycling alternators, recycling starter motors; -car engine recycling; -recycling of ferrous scrap; -refining of metal fractions from crushing activities; -recycling electrical and electronic waste WEEE; -recycling municipal solid waste MSW; -recycling metal tins and cans; -recycling mixed metals; -aluminum recycling; -armoured cable recycling; -recycling underground cables and submarine cables; -electric motor recycling and coil recycling; -recycling of valves and hydraulic materials; -meter recycling; -recycling of industrial transformers in copper and other metals.