Hammermills ferrous scrap reduction | STOKKERMILL HM500

Hammermills ferrous scrap reduction, ferrous scrap, to shred or crush scrap metal aluminium and copper material


Hammermills ferrous scrap reduction Stokkermill-Hammermills HM500, medium-sized hammer mills for a large quantity of input materials. The HM500 series hammer mills are designed to be used as primary crushers for the first crushing of tough materials or as a secondary refiner for large quantities of incoming materials. The machine structure is designed according to criteria of absolute robustness and allows the use of power ranging from 400 to 500 kw. The standard versions have a rotor that accommodates 20 hammers weighing up to 50 kg. The opening of the case and the raising of the rotor are carried out with hydraulic cylinders making the grid replacement operations and the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations easy and fast. The case is entirely made of high-strength steel with thicknesses ranging from 20 to 50mm while the armor and hammers are made of cast with 12% manganese (variable according to the required applications). The reverse operations of the hammers are simplified by the rationality of the construction and the possibility to invert the rotor flywheel/ transmission. The H500 hammer mills can be equipped with hydraulic safety clutch and/ or automatic ejection door in case of error or excessive loading to prevent damage to the mill mechanics. The HM500 hammer mills can be supplied with control panel and PLC for remote assistance and recording of work data.

Hammer crushers can be used for, but not limited to:

  • crushing electrical and electronic materials WEEE
  • crushing copper transformers
  • crushing lightweight scrap
  • crushing aluminium scrap
  • crushing aluminium profiles
  • crushing various type of tins and cans
  • crushing industrial copper-aluminium radiators
  • crushing of mixed and undifferentiated industrial waste
  • crushing vehicle parts
  • crushing motherboard/PCB
  • crushing electronic control units
  • crushing auto alternators
  • crushing motor starters
  • crushing electric motors weighing up to 25-30 kg
  • crushing car compressors
  • crushing compressors
  • crushing household electric motors
  • crushing water meters and gas meters



400 Kw


31.000 Kg

N. of hammers


Hammer weight

up to 50 kg

RPM rotor

800-900 rpm

Hopper size

575x1130 mm