hammer Mill scrap shredder and crushers

Hammer mill size reduction shredders of the Stokkermill-Frantoparts HM series are designed for the size reduction of heterogeneous scrap with the aim of sorting and recovering the ferrous and non-ferrous metallic fractions. Hammer mills of the Stokkermill-Frantoparts series are divided into: -pre refiner mills with capacities between 110 and 315kw and with hammers weight up to 35kg for primary crushing; -Refiner mills for secondary reduction with powers between 22 and 250kw with hammers weight up to 20Kg for refining. Our hammer mills are designed and built according to simplicity criteria to allow easy and intuitive use, reduce downtime due to maintenance and grid change, extreme robustness to make them reliable. Hammer mill that last in time. The mills of the Stokkermill-Frantopart series are the result of a long-standing collaboration between two leading companies in the field of material processing. Frantoparts, as is well known, is a reference company in the treatment of aggregates and in the processing of quarrying and scrap materials. It has thirty years of experience in the assembly, assistance, maintenance and construction of hammer mills, crushing and separation systems of medium and large size, special machines for the inert industry and recycling. In the operating center of Frantoparts finds space a stocked spare parts warehouse able to send anywhere and quickly the parts necessary to reduce the waiting times of its customers. For over thirty years, Stokkermill Recycling Machinery has been manufacturing machinery for the recycling sector and has gained wide visibility for the efficiency of its equipment for shredding, granulation and separation of materials. Stokkermill is a well-known company internationally thanks to a network of importers and retailers based in different areas of the world. Since the meeting of these two highly specialized and recognized in the international market and with the common objective of supporting with professionalism and competence the recycling industry has developed, over the years, an effective synergy that has created the brand Stokkermill-Frantoparts.

hammer Mill scrap shredder and crushers


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shredder and crushers USE FIELDS


Recycling metal waste and ferrous scrap


Aluminium recycling


First reduction, hammer mill for recycling


radiators shredding

CAR control units

Crushing and recycle car control units

AUTOMOTIVE recycling

Demolition of vehicles through the crushing process