Hammer Mill Scrap Shredders And Crushers

Hammer mill scrap shredders and crushers of HM series are designed for the volume reduction of heterogeneous scrap with the aim of dividing and recovering the ferrous and metallic fractions. The hammer mills of the Stokkermill - HM series are divided into: - refiner mills for secondary reduction with capacities between 22 and 200kw with hammers weight up to 18 kg for materials refining processes, - crushing mills with capacities between 200 and 500kw and with hammers weight up to 50 kg for primary crushing. Stokkermill hammer mills are designed and built according to basic criteria to allow easy use, reduce downtime due to maintenance and screen change, extremely robust to make them reliable. Hammer mills are strong and durable, and they are built without compromise. The Hammermill series of Stokkermill are the result of a long-standing collaboration between two leading companies in the recycling and treatment of aggregates. Stokkermill has thirty years of experience in the assembly, assistance, maintenance, and construction of hammer mills, crushing and separation systems of medium and large size, special machines for the inert industry and recycling. Stokkermill Recycling Machinery, has been designing and manufacturing machinery for the recycling industry for more than thirty years. They have gained broad experience for the efficiency of its equipment for shredding, granulating, and separating materials. The after-sales service, the rapid and qualified service, and the high quality of the products all made in their own production facilities in Italy, have made Stokkermill a global brand. This synergy evolved into Stokkermill-Hammermills being a highly specialized producer and supplier to the global market.

hammer Mill shredders and crushers

HM Hammermills series

Hammer mill shredder, metal scrap recycling, copper wires recovery, metal scrap crusher, aluminum profiles shredder, aluminum scrap, alternators crusher, starter motors and meat balls shredder, size reduction aggregate scrap, ferrous scrap, to shred or crush scrap metal aluminium and copper.

Hammer mills

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shredder and crushers APPLICATIONS

Mills for Metal recycling

Recycling metal waste and ferrous scrap

hammermill for scrap metal

Hammermill for coils

Recycling copper coils and windings

Mills for aluminium

Aluminium recycling

hammer mill shredder

Hammermill for light scrap

Recycling mixed metal scrap

Hammer mill for radiators

Coils and radiators shredding

mobile hammer mill

hammermill for ELECTRIC MOTORS

First reduction, hammer mill for recycling

CAR control units

Crushing and recycle car control units

hammermills shredders

AUTOMOTIVE recycling

Demolition of vehicles through the crushing process

hammer mill for demolition of vehicles