Hammermill for radiator recycling

Hammermill for radiator recycling, aluminum, copper, metals and plastics

Hammermill for radiator recycling, the automotive radiators are carried out to recover the different ferrous and non-ferrous metals with which they are built. Radiators contain aluminium parts, copper parts and fractions of other metals and/or inert materials often enclosed within a steel structure of variable strength depending on the use of the radiator or heat exchanger.  The hammer mills for radiators made by Stokkermill allow the crushing of the radiators and the consequent separation and classification of metals. The first stage of radiator recycling is carried out by a Stokkermill HM refiner mill which can crush the radiator into fractions small enough to perform the separation of magnetic materials with the use of a separation system over-belt. The separation of metals, in particular copper from aluminium, takes place in a subsequent step through the action of gravimetric separators or dry densiometric tables. Any inert materials, plastics, rubber parts or similar, can be separated with an Eddy-Current system. Radiator recycling is particularly important in two main contexts: the end-of-life vehicle recycling industry and the electrical and electronic materials recycling industry (WEEE).

optical sorter

The recycling systems of radiators and heat exchangers can be improved thanks to the use of optical separation systems, which are able to perform with extreme precision the subdivision of the different metal fractions. Upstream of the hammer mills it is possible to install a primary shredder, a D series twin-shaft shredder for radiators for a first reduction of the volumes and to make the reduction by the hammer mill faster. Stokkermill can offer different technical solutions and can propose systems designed and made to measure to meet the different needs of the end customer.