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Automotive ELV parts recycling line

Automotive ELV’s parts recycling line, electric motors, starter, alternators and copper aluminum metal and plastic separation

Automotive ELV’s parts recycling line, electric motors, starter, alternators and copper aluminum metal and plastic separation

Automotive ELV’s parts recycling line for electric motors, recycling of starters, the recycling of alternators and, more generally, the recycling of electric motors is becoming, day after day, one of the most interesting activities for the recycling of end-of-life vehicles. The increase of electrical and electronic components in motor vehicles makes the recovery and recycling of metals, in particular copper and aluminium more and more important. The recycling lines and plants built by Stokkermill can facilitate the recycling of electric motors, the recycling of alternators and the recycling of starting engines. The recycling lines are generally composed of a hammer mill, a delamination mill and magnetic separation systems, eddy current separation systems - Eddy Current - and a battery of densimetric tables. Downstream of the process it is possible to insert optical sorter that can improve the separation of metals. The recycling plants made by Stokkermill are designed to allow maximum flexibility and versatility of use. In other words, these are recycling lines that can operate on different materials, allowing an extremely rapid return on investment. The electric motor recycling lines are designed specifically for the needs of the end customer. Capacity, versatility, and flexibility are important elements that are agreed directly by the end customer with the manufacturer. The recycling lines and plants for electrical and electronic components are equipped with highly advanced self-diagnosis and remote assistance systems to minimize any downtime. Stokkermill recycling plants are designed and produced in Italy with the best components available on the international market, like Schneider or Siemens electronics, SKF bearings, Linde hydraulic "Rossi gearbox" gear motors. The meticulousness of the realization and the use of premium components allow Stokkermill to offer a guarantee of 24 months from the date of delivery or start-up. The installation and commissioning are made by Stokkermill approved and certified technicians. Please contact us for more information.

HM series hammer mills

Single-shaft shredders PS or CSR series

Non ferrous metal separator Eddy Current

The WEEE recycling lines are suitable for the following processes:

- Electrical and electronic equipment and refining lines (WEEE)

- Aluminium processing / refining plants and lines

- End-of-life vehicle (ELV) treatment plants / lines

- Hard-drive treatment lines

- Toner recycling plants and lines

- Solar panels recycling plants and lines

- Fluff treatment lines and lines

- Cable recycling plants and lines

- PCB’s electronic card processing plants and lines

- Coffee capsules recycling plants and lines

- Crushing residues plants and treatment lines