Optical selector for mixed materials, completes the range of recycling machines and equipment, Stokkermill has developed a series of optical separators that allow you to select the metal fractions according to the color and size of the materials involved in the recovery and recycling activity. Optical separators can be integrated into electrical and electronic waste recycling lines - WEEE or wherever high quality is required in the separation process. The OS optical separators are able to distinguish millions of color shades, allowing the separation of metals of different types with dimensions between 2 mm and 8 mm. The optical sorters are built with detection systems from one to six channels according to the separation needs of the customer and the material to be treated. The color and size recognition technology adopted is extremely precise and comparable to the performance of the human eye. The user interface is extremely simple and intuitive and allows you to program the desired process with ease and precision. The software is able to autonomously detect the type of materials and autonomously set the parameters, reducing the system setting times. The remote assistance system allows you to connect directly with our technicians on site for any need for programming or reprogramming the separator.