Recycling plants


Recycling plants and separation lines Stokkermill are designed and built for different types of materials. The recycling plants built by Stokkermill are turnkey solutions made on specific request of the end user and include customized solutions to achieve the customer's objectives. Stokkermill recycling plants are built according to criteria of rationality, efficiency and simplicity, however they contain modern and refined technological solutions. The recycling plants are equipped with a centralized control panel that allows the management of the individual machines to a single operator. The framework includes a system for diagnosing any anomalies and provision for remote assistance and connection to the company IT system.

The refining lines are suitable for the following processes:
- Electrical and electronic equipment and refining lines (WEEE)
- Aluminium processing / refining plants and lines
- End-of-life vehicle (ELV) treatment plants / lines
- Hard-drive treatment lines
- Toner recycling plants and lines
- Solar panels recycling plants and lines
- Fluff treatment lines and lines
- Cable recycling plants and lines
- PCB’s electronic card processing plants and lines
- Coffee capsules recycling plants and lines
- Crushing residues plants and treatment lines