Hammer mill for light scrap recycling

Hammer mill for light scrap recycling, iron collection, aluminum and plastic or inert parts

Hammer mill for light scrap recycling, coming from the collection is very often problematic due to the difficulty of separating the different metallic and non-metallic materials and therefore of enhancing the product. Stokkermill-HM hammer mills can crush the collected materials to facilitate the separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the separation of copper from aluminum, bronze and plastic or inert parts. The HM45 and HM60 hammer mills are particularly suitable for this purpose thanks to the small-medium size hammers and the design of the sorting grids. These are extremely compact and versatile crushers with extremely low management and maintenance costs. Smart solutions.

Some examples of materials that can be easily processed by the hammer mills of the HM45 and HM60 series

- Brass valves from the scrapping of cylinders containing gas

- Aluminum profiles with metal parts from demolition

- WEEE recycling

- Recycling of small household appliances

- Waste from the demolition of vehicles

- Recycling of hydraulic materials

- Recycling of electric motors

- Transformer recycling

- Recycling of alternators

- Recycling of car control units

- Recycling of batteries and accumulators

- Automotive spark plug recycling

- Copper coil recycling

The Stokkermill - HM hammer mills are made with a vibrating unloading table that facilitates the separation of materials, after crushing, simplifying the operations of selecting the outgoing metals.